Inductions and Personal Training

Gym Induction with a qualified Instructor

1 hour £20

There is no requirement for an induction when joining this gym. However we recommend a 60 minute induction to anyone joining a gym for the first time, and also for anyone who wants some general guidance in the safe and effective use of the gym equipment which is appropriate to your personal goals. An induction with one of our friendly and experienced instructors is fun and inspiring, and will enable you to come to the gym and train with confidence.

Personal Training with Ed Noble

See what professional help can do for you!

One to one personal training with Ed, will focus on you and your training goals, be it weight loss, strength, general fitness, bodybuilding or strongman. He can also help anyone prepare for military fitness testing, or sports preparation.

Ed offers a wide range of packages, from 30 mins specific training on a single technique such as deadlift or squat, right up to a 5 day per week motivational package. A block of 3 or more sessions will give you a personal program which you can follow to monitor your own progression.

Private PT or exclusive small group sessions are available when the gym is closed, on Friday evenings, Saturday, Sunday afternoons.

Ed’s training rates are listed on our prices page.

Training can be booked by coming into the gym, or emailing us on