The Team

The three year journey that brought Dave and Ed together not only forged a strong business partnership, but also made them realise what potential Martock F.I.T. had. Their vision was for a community centred, no-nonsense, supportive gym that encourages each member throughout their very own unique fitness journey.

This vision has encompassed everything that the gym has achieved and wishes to continue, in order to encourage it’s members; everyone of all abilities is welcomed, challenged to reach their potential and supported each and every step of the way.


Ed Noble (right) & Dave Root (left)


Ed's sporting background has undoubtedly motivated him to become the disciplined, highly-skilled and driven Personal Trainer that he is today. His mantra and core belief in achieving fitness through strength and free-weight training is guaranteed to achieve results for those clients who are willing to invest time and effort into their fitness journey.

Ed has been personal training for 8 years and is able to offer detailed training programs, personal training and nutrition advice to people of all ages and abilities.

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Dave came to meet Ed as one of Ed's Personal Training clients. Through three years of Ed's dedication and following his knowledgeable expertise, Dave went from a gym-beginner with a slender frame, to being fit, strong and confident, and is now a Gym Instructor.

Dave’s business background enables him to manage the financial aspects of the gym.