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F.I.T Martock is owned and run by Ed Noble and Dave Root, and is conveniently situated in the centre of Martock, Somerset.

With all day opening, easy access from the A303, and its own parking, the gym is ideally situated for members and visitors. Heated changing rooms with showers, and lockers are available.

With masses of natural light, and huge opening doors, you can take your training outside whenever the weather is good.

We cater for everybody who wants to improve their personal fitness, and whatever your goals, we can help you achieve them.

F.I.T. Martock prides itself on being a friendly attitude free gym, and we promise you a warm welcome.


Our kit includes the following

Cardio Machines

Treadmills, cross trainers, stepper, upright and spin bikes, rowers

ISO Plate Machines

Incline press, decline press, shoulder press, calf raise, lateral pulldown, lateral row, hack squat, incline leg press

Other Machines and Equipment

Pec deck, multi gym, bicep curl, back extension, cable fly, Viking press, hip extension, bench press, squat racks, deadlift platform, battle ropes

Strongman Equipment

Farmers walk, atlas stones from 30kg-150kg, yoke, tractor tyres, 13” monster log, duck walk, sled

Smaller Items

Kettlebells, dumb bells, boxing punch bag

Man & Woman with heavy weights

Somerset Strongman

We run fortnightly strongman training sessions on alternate Saturday mornings from 11am to 1pm.

We have a range of classic strongman equipment; including tractor tyres, yoke, farmers walk, sled, and log press, and atlas stones from 30kg-150kg, and a monster log.

Sessions are for everyone and you do not have to be experienced or built like Lawrence Shahlei to take part! Sessions are £7.50 members and £10 nonmembers.